Brand Ambassadors


Bella Forster

I’m Bella, and I own a 14.2hh (rather cheeky) Connie called Rebel! We love to do a huge range of things together, from dressage and British showjumping to pony racing and team chasing. Anything crazy, you’ll find us doing! I am all for correct care and training of our equine companions, and JG horse supplies allowed me to make sure Rebel is always comfortable whilst looking super stylish! This is my second year as a BA for JG horse supplies, after buying my first set at hickstead 2022. Obviously fell in love with their products and their community, so now a very proud BA and always wanting to support them in anyway possible 🩷

Portia Beau Williams

Hi I’m Portia and my accounts are run by my mum I’m a ba because I love having lots of matchy matchy for my pony and my mum loves that we are supporting a small family business and that my pads are really good quality at affordable prices that last. I have 2 ponies strawberry who I have had for nearly 4 years and spirit who I got late last year, I love to do a bit of everything but my main passion is dressage and although I’m only 6 soon to be 7 I’m aiming for the olympics


Sharon James

Hello, I am Sharon. I love being a BA ! Sparkle & I have been a team since 2022 and I have only ever used JG saddle pads on her. I am enthusiastic, a great team player and love to help. I really believe these are the best value, quality saddle pads on the market. I am always raving about how great they are to anyone that will listen to me.




Ruby Snell

Ruby here with my new big baby Rufus, we have just started our time together so watch this space for progress 🙂 JG is my all time favourite as it sits perfectly on Rufus and never slips or moves. JG horse supplies is fabulous quality for such a great price so you definitely can’t go wrong really ! 



Ebba Wilson

My name is Ebba and I have a 6 year old piebald rescue cob called Angie. When Angie came to me, she had only been lightly handled but together we have come a long way and we now do lots of hacking and have also started jumping. Our favourite thing to do together is beach days out! I discovered JG through another BA and fell in love immediately! The quality, fit and design are outstanding and the endless colours make them addictive!

Mia Ecclestone

My name is Mia & I have an 8yr old Welsh D x Cob called Dun Diva! We have lots of fun together at local shows, XC, beach rides and i enjoy sharing our journey on my social media pages!




Janey Adshead

My name is Janey and I am the very proud owner of Mac, a 15.2 Welsh section D x Irish draught. Mac is a cheeky monkey with bundles of character. We have been together for 4 years and we are loving life. We get out and about to shows, dressage tests, plenty of hacking.

Cordy Archer

My name is Cordy & I have proudly owned JG products for several years and I’m often telling others about them. I’m excited to be part of a fantastic team, and I can’t wait to get out there and show off the beautiful products with Lola!

Jemma Cowell

My name is Jemma and my pony is Red we do a bit of everything together. We often go to shows where I wear my JG sets and enjoy promoting them to others. I love the JG sets because the colours and styles give me so much choice. Plus they keep my pony super comfortable even while styling him out.

Chloe Blyth

Hello, I am Chloe, and this is my pony Hero. Hero and I love to participate in pony club events, local competitions, and hacking across the common, and Hero likes to find mischief and get himself in trouble when left unsupervised. We both love this brand so much, Hero is so comfortable wearing the high-quality kit, and I am so thankful that I got selected to be a BA. I have always loved JG, and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Maddison Carvill

Hi I am Madi and I am 14 year2 old aiming to showjump my 14.1 cob, Nellie. we are aiming to do abit of everything but our main plan is showjumping. I am so proud to be a brand ambassador for jg as I love supporting small businesses and their products are out of this world!



Abi Moore

My name is Abi, I live in Dartmoor, Devon. I am have a beautiful dressage horse called Kiki and two ponies for my daughter. Currently competing in unaffiliated showjumping and dressage along with Working Hunter at the local agricultural shows, which we had great success in last season winning classes and also championships! I’m hoping to event my horse who I’ve been training to jump next year. I’m excited to be BA for JG, as I think it’s important to support small growing businesses, who I can personally confirm due to being a current customer that their products are quality with a huge variety of colours at great value prices! They offer prompt delivery and excellent customer service!

Holly Atkinson

I’m Holly and im an 18 year old rider from south wales. I own my pony called nala i have owned her since she was a 5 year old! We both absolutely love all the JG products, I had always struggled to find good fitting saddle pads along with fly veils and brushing boots i use, all the products have kept my horse comfy and nothing ever slips out of place while using them.